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What to Do When Your Basement Floods?

A flooded basement is definitely a big problem. That’s especially true if you have items stored there, or if you’re worried about mold and mildew issues that dampness can create. Fortunately, there’s help available when you need to know who to call for a flooded basement.

By reaching out to us toll-free at (800) 248-0767 and putting in your zip code, your call will go to an expert water damage restoration company in your local area that provides free, in-home estimates. That can make it easier to get started on a dry, repaired basement, along with peace of mind.

What Can Cause a Flooded Basement?

There are a lot of issues that can cause flooded basements. Most commonly, a basement floods because water is getting in from outside, or because a pipe bursts and isn’t noticed quickly. In some areas of the country the water table is very high, and even with good quality construction it can be difficult to keep water from seeping into any structure that’s built below ground.

Especially after a hard rain, a long period of wet weather, or a lot of melting snow, a basement can flood in one area, or throughout the entire space. If you don’t go into your basement frequently, you might not realize that there’s flooding taking place. By the time you notice it, there may already be a lot of damage to the walls, flooring, and anything you’ve stored in that location.

Some basements have sump pumps to take water out before it can become problematic. That’s generally a great solution, but sometimes these pumps fail, or they simply can’t keep up with the amount of water they’re being asked to remove. Checking on the sump pump periodically, especially before the rainy season or any big storm event, can help make sure it’s working well.

You can also perform a visual inspection of the plumbing in your basement. A lot of basements aren’t finished spaces, so you can see the pipes. Looking for older pipes, areas where a drip or leak may be getting started, and anything that appears suspicious may help you catch a problem before it becomes severe. In a finished space, it’s not as easy to see the pipes, but you can look for any damp areas, mildew, or anything that might indicate that a pipe could be leaking.

Of course, sometimes a pipe breaks without warning. That can cause serious issues for your basement, and can quickly create a flooding problem. If you notice low water pressure elsewhere in the house, or you hear a noise you’re not familiar with, it’s worthwhile to check the basement, to make sure a pipe didn’t burst.

What Should You Look Out For?

When you’re trying to avoid a flooded basement, look out for anything out of the ordinary. Especially if you’ve recently purchased the house or had it built, you might not be familiar with all of its quirks yet. Even if you’ve lived there for some time, things can change as the house settles and ages. Fortunately, you can look for a few specific issues to reduce your basement flooding risk.

If you spend a lot of time in your basement you’re more likely to find issues when they’re just getting started. But a lot of people use their basements for storage, or for their home’s systems – like the water heater and electrical panel – and may not go into the basement much at all.

Either way, look for any standing water, mold, or mildew when you go into your basement. Also notice how it smells, and if the air feels damp. Check your sump pump if you have one, and consider installing an alarm that will alert you if the pump isn’t working as expected. You can also install monitors that will alert you to dampness or standing water, which can help you discover a burst pipe or other issue before your basement actually floods.

Who Can You Trust to Help With Water Issues?

Sometimes, you just can’t catch a flooding problem in time, and that means you’ll be dealing with the water. You don’t have to do that alone, or worry about who to reach out to. Give us a call today, toll-free, at (800) 248-0767. Just put in your zip code, and you’ll be connected to a local water damage restoration company in your area, so you can get a free, in-home estimate.

It’s important to go with the experts, to make sure water damage is handled properly. Companies that work with flooded basements can help you salvage as much as possible, so you can repair your home and get back to living your life again.